Alias allows creating shorter names for long and bulky commands that you want to use often.


Create alias

You can create a new alias with the following syntax:

/jirio setalias [aliasName] [command]

For instance:

/jirio setalias dothis create story My new story :priority Low

In this example the alias name will be “dothis” and the command for this alias will be “create story My new story :priority Low”.

It does not really make much sense to repeat this command many times with the same title, therefore you could replace the title with a parameter $1. In this case, the title will still be supplied later when invoking the alias command. Let’s rewrite this example as follows:

/jirio setalias dothis create story $1 :priority Low

You can use as many parameters as you want. For example, you could have a priority as a parameter as well:

/jirio setalias dothis create story $1 :priority $2

Channel default tokens

You can also add channel default tokens to the alias command that will be replaced with their corresponding values on execution. For example, if you have a project token defined as a channel default, you might want to reference it in the alias as follows:

/jirio setalias dothis create story $1 :priority $2 :project $$project

Notice the you must use a double dollar sign syntax followed by a token name.

List your aliases

You can get a list of your aliases by running “setlias” command without any parameters:

/jirio setalias

Invoke alias

When you have defined an alias, you can execute it by running the following command:

/jirio [aliasName] [argument1] [argument2] [argument3] ... [argumentN]

For example:

/jirio dothis "My best story name" "Highest"

This will result in the following command being executed:

/jirio create story My best story name :priority Highest

Please notice that you have to enclose arguments into single or double quotes.

Delete alias

You can delete an alias that you do not need by running the following command:

/jirio unsetalias [aliasName]

For example:

/jirio unsetalias dothis

And the alias “dothis” will be deleted.