Quickly find JIRA issues by text with Jirio

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Most people search JIRA issues by just using the search field in top right corner in JIRA. You can write there any text and JIRA will try to find tickets that contain this phrase either in the ticket titleo o r description. In most cases this is enough to find a ticket you need without using advanced search. […]

Debugging Application Link issues – timestamp refused

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For self-hosted JIRA instances it may happen that when creating an application link in JIRA for Jirio, Jirio still won’t be able to connect to JIRA and will fail with the following message. The reason is that JIRA verifies timestamps for all incoming requests that come from 3rd party integrations, including Jirio JIRA Slack app. […]

JIRA comments on steroids with Jirio Slack app

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With Jirio you can now display all issue comments in Slack with a simple command or an action button. It used to be possible to add comments with Jirio command, but now it’s also possible to pull all issue comments to Slack and display them to your teammates. Show comments …with a command You can show […]

Connect Jirio to JIRA with Application link

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Easy steps how to connect Jirio Slack JIRA bot to JIRA with Application Links Part of the Jirio Slack JIRA installation process is creation of an Application Link in JIRA, that will enable OAuth connection from Jirio to JIRA. Application link is essentially a Jirio public key that you register in your JIRA server and that […]

Get JIRA issue info in Slack with Jirio without info keyword

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It’s been a while when we released Jirio Slack JIRA integration with the info command that pulls JIRA ticket information to Slack. With a simple command you can get an assignee name, ticket title and description, components, labels and more fields. But not everybody knows that it’s not necessary to type the “info” keyword. It can be omitted: […]

Use aliases without quotes in arguments

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If you are a Jirio Slack JIRA poweruser, then you definitely use aliases in your daily life in Slack. With aliases you can turn bulky and heavy commands into small and tiny aliases that will do magic in JIRA. One thing with aliases was that it required putting all arguments into quotes, which was not […]