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Let’s go through some typical scenarios that Slack teams might have when working with both Slack and JIRA.

Let’s say a team might have a dedicated Slack channel #bugs where their customer support reports defects found by their customers. All bugs that are reported from that channel should have a “jirio” label attached and be Low priority. Let’s also assume that all bugs reported by the customer support team should be assigned to a product manager for review.


Assuming that Jirio is installed for that Slack team, configuration might consist of the following steps:

Make so that “jirio” label would be attached to every bug reported in this channel

While being in the #bugs channel, type:

/jirio set :labels jirio

Make so that all issues reported in this channel would be of a Low priority

While being in the #bugs channel, type:

/jirio set :priority Low

Make so that all issues reported in this channel would be assigned to a JIRA user miketyson

While being in the #bugs channel, type:

/jirio set :assignee miketyson

Verifying configuration

Now let’s make sure our configuration is correct. Type:

/jirio set

and it should output the following information

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 23.32.08

Trying it out

Once everything is done, you can try out the result by typing the following command:

/jirio create bug This is a test bug

As a result, a test bug should be created with the Low priority, assigned to the miketyson user and have a “jirio” label attached.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 23.33.46

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