Case study: levaraging search aliases to run JIRA JQL from Slack

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In this case study we will talk about how you can leverage Jirio aliases to find issues in JIRA.

First of all, Jirio aliases is the most powerful tool in Jirio that allows to “hide” bulky and hard to remember commands that are used frequently by the team. You can read about it more here.

Let’s say every team member in your team needs to be able to quickly find what he or she is working on. In JIRA this can be easily achieved by running a JQL query on the Issue Search page, then copying the result to a Slack channel. Since the JQL query will mostly be the same all the time, and copying search results is a tedious operation, it might make sense to use Jirio for that.

Define an alias

The first thing that needs to be done is to define an alias that will include that long JQL query you wanted to execute:

/jirio setalias mytask find project = $$project AND assignee = currentUser() ORDER BY status ASC

What we did is created an alias called “mytask” that will run the “/jirio find” command when executed. Also, as you can see, this JQL includes the variable “$$project” that will be replaced by the channel default value when the command will be invoked. Let’s define new channel default value like this:

/jirio set :project BT

Now we have everything set up. Let’s give it a try:

/jirio mytask

When executed, it should be interpreted as

/jirio find project = BT AND assignee = currentUser() ORDER BY status ASC

and as a result you should see all your tasks that were assigned to you!