Connect Jirio to JIRA with Application link

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Easy steps how to connect Jirio Slack JIRA bot to JIRA with Application Links

Part of the Jirio Slack JIRA installation process is creation of an Application Link in JIRA, that will enable OAuth connection from Jirio to JIRA. Application link is essentially a Jirio public key that you register in your JIRA server and that is used to verify all incoming Jirio requests.

Enter Jirio Application Link

The first thing that is required to be done is to go to  https://<>/plugins/servlet/applinks/listApplicationLinks and open Application Links page. On this page you should enter

jirio application link jira

When you click Create new link button, you might see the following warning message that JIRA will display to you:

jirio application link jira

This is OK to ignore this message and all it does is it warns you that you are about to integrate a 3rd party application that was not developed by Atlassian.

Fill in Application Link details for Jirio

The next step is to fill in Application Link fields with Jirio details. Please note that you should fill in only the following fields that you can see on the picture below, leave everything else blank! If you fill in all fields, JIRA will show you an error.

One more thing to keep in mind is that you should fill in Jirio Slack JIRA fields in lower case as displayed on the picture:

jirio application link jira

Clicking Continue will show you the second step of the Application link configuration:

jirio application link jira

The same advice applies here too: fill in all details in lower case.

The public key should be copied from the Jirio installation page that can be found after clicking on the Add to Slack button on the Jirio Slack JIRA home page.

After all steps are done, Application Link should become visible in JIRA on the Application Links page and you can continue Jirio installation.