Get JIRA issue info in Slack with Jirio without info keyword

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It’s been a while when we released Jirio Slack JIRA integration with the info command that pulls JIRA ticket information to Slack. With a simple command you can get an assignee name, ticket title and description, components, labels and more fields.

But not everybody knows that it’s not necessary to type the “info” keyword. It can be omitted:

/jirio TICKET-1

This is all you need to type to get the ticket information in Slack.

Another useful trick is that you can easily decide what fields you would like to display in the info command response. For example, you might have your own custom fields in JIRA that you rely on extensively during your work. By default, Jirio does not pull all fields and displays only a few of them, but you can override this behavior by specifying what fields you would like to see in the info command:

/jirio TICKET-1 :address :supervisor

In this example your JIRA might have two custom fields called Address and Supervisor that you would always want to see in the info command. Jirio will take this info into account and output these fields in the response too.

As usually, it’s recommended to create an alias for such command that you will use often.

/jirio setalias myinfo info $1 :address :supervisor

and then you can call this command as follows:

/jirio myinfo TICKET-1

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