Getting started with Jirio – how to integrate Slack to JIRA

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This post will help you to get started with Jirio Slack JIRA integration app.

Add Jirio to Slack

To add Jirio to your Slack team, press “Add to Slack” button in the upper part of the page.

Setup JIRA

Once Slack permissions are granted to Jirio, you will be able to configure JIRA web URL and other basic settings.

JIRA url is a web URL of your JIRA server. Make sure you enter only the base JIRA url into the input field without inner pages. For example, if your company is using JIRA OnDemand, then the URL should be https://<domain>, but  and not

Public notifications check box should be checked when you want all Slack channel team members to see output of commands like info, create and other. This is typically used when you want everybody to be aware of somebody creating a new defect with Jirio, a story, or just want to show information about the issue to everybody. You should uncheck the check box if you just want to silently create issues without causing distractions to anybody.

Per user authentication should be checked if you want Jirio to require every Slack user to authenticate in JIRA before creating or modifying JIRA issues with Jirio.
If checked, then every user will create, modify or comment JIRA issues on behalf of their own JIRA user.This is the most typical use case.
If unchecked, then all issues, comments and transitions created with Jirio will be made on behalf of one and the same – the one who installed Jirio. This mode might be handy for customer support scenarios where customers do not have JIRA accounts, but have Slack accounts.

Require user authentication checkbox allows your users use Jirio even if they do not have JIRA accounts, and for users who have JIRA accounts, to create JIRA issues on their behalf. For users who have JIRA accounts, it is necessary to run /jirio auth command and authenticate in JIRA. Users who do not have JIRA account, can start using Jirio right away. All issues create by these users will be created on behalf one and the same user who installed Jirio.

Add application link

Adding application link in JIRA is vitally important to make JIRA and Slack integration possible. When Jirio will forward Slack requests to JIRA, JIRA will block these requests until application link is created.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 21.54.12

The best person to configure application link is usually system administrator or infrastructure team of the company. You can just copy-paste this information to them as is and they will configure it.

Make sure that you fill in only fields that are mentioned in the article (and on screenshots), otherwise you might get stuck on the JIRA application link page that won’t let you proceed.

Verify Jirio integration

Now when everything is ready, you can go back to Slack and enter “/jirio help” for help or go directly to the Jirio Usage page.

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  1. Getting an error on installation:

    “It seems that it took you too long to configure. Please re-install Jirio from Slack App Directory and try again.”

    Have tried several times and it’s always the same?

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