Get started with Jirio Slack JIRA integration.

How to add Jirio to Slack and connect to JIRA

Add Jirio to your team’s Slack by pressing “Add to Slack” button in the upper part of the page.


Once added and returned back to Jirio website, configuration page will be shown.

JIRA URL is a your JIRA website URL. Please enter only base JIRA url into the input field without inner pages. For example, if your company is using JIRA OnDemand, then the URL should be https://<domain> and not

Public notifications check box should be checked when you want all Slack channel team members see output of Jirio JIRA Slack commands invocation, such as “info”, “create” and others. This is typically used when you want everyone be aware of you creating a new defect, a story or just want to show information about an issue to a channel. You should unchecked the check box if you just want silently create issues without causing distractions to anybody.

Per user authentication should be checked if you want every Slack user to use their own identity when creating and commenting JIRA issues. If unchecked, then no matter who uses Jirio, all issues will be created on behalf of one user – the one who installed Jirio. This mode might be handy for customer support scenarios where customers do not have JIRA access but do have Slack access.

Application link

Adding application link in JIRA is the most important step to make JIRA Slack integration work. When Jirio interprets commands sent from Slack users, it forwards these commands to JIRA, which will ignore these commands unless application link is created.

The best person to configure application links is usually system administrators or infrastructure team in your company. You can just send them this information as is.

Make sure you fill in only fields that are told to be filled in, otherwise you might get stuck on the JIRA application links creation page with an error.

Verify JIRA Slack Integration

Now when everything is set up, you can go to any Slack channel and type “/jirio help” for reference or go straight to the Usage page.