JIRA comments on steroids with Jirio Slack app

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With Jirio you can now display all issue comments in Slack with a simple command or an action button. It used to be possible to add comments with Jirio command, but now it’s also possible to pull all issue comments to Slack and display them to your teammates.

Show comments

…with a command

You can show comments with a simple command

/jirio comments TMP-14

where TMP-14 should be replaced with your issue key. Read more about Jirio show comments here

…or with action button

It’s also possible to show all JIRA issue comments with a simple action button.

Add a comment

You can add a comment with a comment command

/jirio comment TMP-14 This is a comment

where TMP-14 is an issue key and the text after that is a comment text. Read more about adding comments in Jirio here.