How to make sure Jirio JIRA-Slack App is used by the whole Slack team?

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Spread the word about Jirio JIRA Slack integration

It’s obvious that once any Slack app is installed to Slack, nobody will start using this app until people recognize that there’s a value in the app. But that’s just one side of the problem, the other side is that some apps won’t gain any traction because the team might not even know these apps exist! When you add an app, in the beginning only a person that knows about this app will know what the app does and how to use it. This person has to reach out his/her colleagues  and literally tout the app capabilities and features and ask to try. Since not everybody wants to do the marketing job in a team, good apps might be just forgotten and never used.

In order to make sure this won’t happen with Jirio Slack JIRA integration app, we developed a bot that will help you to spread the word about Jirio in your whole organization. Once you add Jirio to Slack, the Jirio bot will message you and ask for permission to let everybody know what it can do.

As you can see, there’s also a button that will make sure everybody in your team will know what Jirio Slack-JIRA App is. When clicked, Jirio bot will greet everybody and suggest to try Jirio out.

With this simple trick you can make sure that Jirio Slack app will be used within the team from day one.