Q & A

What can it do?
Jirio can create JIRA issues right from Slack by typing a command that starts with the /jirio create ...  syntax. Type /jirio help in Slack for reference or see the Jirio Usage page. It can also transition and close issues, display information about issues, add comments and more.
My JIRA is in my company’s internal network. Will it work?
Yes, but some actions are required on your company’s network configuration as well. Please see how to user Jirio behind firewall or NAT for more details.
Would Jirio know my JIRA or Slack credentials if I authenticate?
No. Jirio authenticates against JIRA and Slack using OAuth protocol, which does not expose any user credentials. Instead, a temp token is issued which is used to connect to your JIRA and Slack apps only, and can be revoked by you at anytime in JIRA Administration page or Slack installed apps page.
Can Jirio make any harm to my JIRA?
No. Jirio is triggered only by Slack with the /jirio command and does only what the command is meant for. No unauthorised access to your JIRA is possible.
Why do I get Oops! Jira replied with ‘Field ‘assignee’ cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.?
When your JIRA configuration changes, e.g. by introducing new field or component, Jirio does not get to know about new changes automatically. You will have to run a reload command /jirio reload to make it happen after every configuration change you make in JIRA.
Why does it submit issues using my username in JIRA?
Jirio submits issues using authentication token that it obtained when you installed Jirio. If you would like to change this behavior, please reinstall Jirio and tick a ‘Per user authentication’ check box in configuration page.
How can I create issue for issue types that contain a whitespace, e.g. ‘New Feature’?
If your issue type contains a whitespace, just enclose it into single or double quotation marks. For instance /jirio create 'New Feature' this is my first feature.
How can I find my peer’s JIRA username so I could start assigning him/her issues?
Go to JIRA, click on your avatar on the top right corner and choose Profile. Your username will appear next to the Username: text. Ask your peer to do the same and let you know his/her username for you.

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How to add a field to the appropriate screen?
Please see how to find a JIRA username.