Saving issue key per channel when managing JIRA issues from Slack

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There’s now a possibility to persist JIRA issue key in a channel in order to be able to operate with that specific issue in that channel without a need to remember what was that issue key.

For instance, consider you create a new channel per JIRA issue in Slack, then manage this issue and then close a channel. Since the issue stays the same for the whole channel’s lifecycle, it does not really make sense to remember that JIRA issue all the time when you want to just modify issue description, progress, status or add a comment with Jirio. What would make sense is to somehow save that JIRA issue key in that channel and then let Jirio guess what that JIRA issue key was.

This can be achieved by setting default channel issue key, as described here.

First, create an issue in that channel:

/jirio create story My first story

Then, “save” that story key:

/jirio set :issuekey TSK-1

Then, refer that that issue key by just using the reserved “issuekey” keywod whenever you want to reference that saved issue.

/jirio update issuekey :desc Description is new

which will be translated by Jirio to

/jirio update TSK-1 :desc Description is new

With this easy technique you can make your team’s life considerable easier and more productive than ever.