Use aliases without quotes in arguments

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If you are a Jirio Slack JIRA poweruser, then you definitely use aliases in your daily life in Slack. With aliases you can turn bulky and heavy commands into small and tiny aliases that will do magic in JIRA. One thing with aliases was that it required putting all arguments into quotes, which was not very convenient if you just had one argument in the command itself.

This is why we made a new release that fixes it. Now if your alias has just one argument, then quotes are not needed. The whole sentence is considered as a parameter!

See the example below::

/jirio setalias newtask create story $1 :project DO

This alias has just one argument ($1), so we can just use it like this:

/jirio newtask Super nice task title

As a result, Jirio will create a task with a name “Super nice task title”.