Why would you want to use aliases in Jirio Slack JIRA integration

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What aliases are

First of all, if you are not familiar what aliases in Jirio are, then you’d better do, because this is one of the most powerful features that Jirio has to offer you to increase your team’s productivity. You can read more about Jirio aliases here.

jirio replace lengthy commands with aliases

Use cases for aliases

It’s incredibly interesting to see how teams use aliases and what are their major hurdles that Jirio helps them with. Thanks for anonymous statistics that Jirio offers us to see, we made a great breakdown of features that are hidden behind aliases.

Absolute leaders

The absolute leaders in aliases are search and issue creation. These are two most popular aliases that teams use.

Search issues with aliases with Jirio

Searching issues is a common use case for teams when team members what to see specific issues that they are working on or their team is working on. In order to avoid typing big JQL queries, aliases help to reduce typing and memorizing lengthy commands that you have to invoke every time you want to find something. For example, a good example is a standup alias, and a “standup” command might look like this:

/jirio find assignee = currentUser() AND (status in (“In Progress”, Done) OR resolved >= -1d)

This command will show all your in progress issues or issues that you have resolved yesterday. Very convenient.

Issue creation

Creating an issue might be easy. You just type a command and title and an issue is created in seconds. For example:

/jirio create story My first issue

However, in most organizations there’s a process of how to create issues that defines what labels should issues have, what epic should it be attached to, what components should be defined and who should it be assigned to.

This all means that you have to type quite a lengthy command with multiple tokens. What’s worse that you have to enter the same values for tokens again and again.

/jirio create story My first issue :labels jiiro :components :backend :assignee tom

Aliases help you to reduce the amount of typing by 90%! With alias you could hide everything that does not change from story to story behind the alias. As a result, you might have something like this:

/jirio createmystory My first issue

Once you start using aliases, you can’t really imaging your life without them.