Why your Slack team would want to consider JIRA Slack integration app

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Why? The short answer is that simply because Slack and JIRA integration will bring your team’s communication and collaboration to the next level.

How much time does it take you to create an issue in JIRA by doing it the old school and traditional way? Start a timer and open a JIRA website, click on the Create button, enter title, description, change project and assignee. Now stop your timer and check the result. A minute or two or maybe even more?

Now if you think about what was the most time consuming part, then you’d probably realise that it was spent on interacting with JIRA UI and controls, switching between fields, drop downs, ticking boxes and so on. And the least time was spent on writing the title and description (assuming you are typing fast enough – but who does not have this skill nowadays?). That said, imagine you could just type without interacting with your mouse and trackpad? Even more, how about not even needing to load the JIRA website at all?

This is why Jirio app was created – the most advanced Slack JIRA integration app for Slack. It allows you to create JIRA issues from Slack without even leaving Slack, thanks to the Slack slash commands that can empower any Slack channel and make communication and collaboration with JIRA more efficient.

Jirio integration eliminates the need of navigating back and forth between JIRA and Slack by integrating into Slack command prompt and, when invoked, does the dirty job in the background – creates JIRA issues, runs search queries, pulls JIRA ticket information back to Slack channel and much more.

For example, in order to get the same outcome as we mentioned above, you’d just need to type the following text:

/jirio create story Add a shopping cart to the account page :priority Low :assignee john

Also, you could even make this command shorter, like this:

/jirio tojohn Add a shopping cart to the account page

And the latter would be available because of the aliases – the most powerful feature of Jirio. Sounds intriguing? Learn more about how to use aliases in Jirio for JIRA and Slack.