JIRA Slack app integrates with JIRA as webhook bot and allows to create, manage and search JIRA issues from Slack.

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How does Jirio work?

1. You enter one of the /jirio commands

2. Jirio Slack JIRA integration app receives the command and creates a JIRA issue, moves a tasks to a resolved state, adds a comment to a story, votes for a bug and shows search results back in Slack.

Create issue

Create JIRA issue from Slack by specifying title, description, priority, assignee and custom JIRA fields

Show issue information

Pull JIRA issue information to Slack including title, assignee, priority, sprint name and other custom fields and show it in Slack

Comment issue

Comment JIRA issue from Slack

Search issue

Search JIRA issues from Slack with JIRA Query Language and get results that match your criteria in Slack

Transition issue

Move JIRA issue from Slack to In Progress, Done, Resolved and other statuses with Jirio

Watch issue

Watch JIRA issue from Slack and receive all issue notifications

Vote for issue

Vote for JIRA issue from Slack and let others know you care

Attach file

Attach file from Slack channel to a JIRA issue

Use aliases

Create Jirio aliases for bulky commands that you use often



Basic features for unlimited amount of users are free.

✓ Create issue
✓ Update issue
✓ Show issue information
✓ Transition/move issue to another state
✓ Watch issues
✓ Attach Slack conversation to JIRA as comment
✓ Aliases for lengthy commands
✓ Search issues with JQL
✓ Watch issues
✓ Action buttons


Find out more about Jirio Basic

jirio premium white


FREE 14 days trial

Boost your team's productivity with advanced features.

✓ Comment issues
✓ Quick find command
✓ Vote for issues
✓ Log work
✓ Attach files from Slack channels to JIRA issues
✓ Unlimited amount of aliases
✓ Action buttons for all commands


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jirio cloud

Jirio Cloud

✓ We maintain Jirio and release updates
✓ You always get the latest verison
✓ Works with JIRA Cloud/On-Demand or self-hosted JIRA Software


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jirio server edition

Jirio Server

✓ Install Jirio on your own hardware
✓ All Premium features included
✓ Pay once, use forever


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See Jirio in action

Find how to use Jirio and syntax of all commands on the Jirio Features page.

What do our users say

Jirio helps us convert Slack brainstorming sessions into actionable tickets without losing conversational context. It also helps us run really efficient standups with the /jirio standup alias!

Teachers Pay Teachers

When I’m having a conversation with my remote developer and requirement arises, I can efficiently record it and we can both see it in the discussion.

Buzzware Solutions

Our team can open tasks right from Slack (where the team spends most of the time anyway..) instead of going to Jira.


When we creating a task through Jirio all the team members can see what is created and it’s really strait-forward to just copypaste a piece of discussion and create a task with summary based on it, without switching to browser or any other software.


We use a lot Slack in our company, it’s our main communication network. Jirio helps us to be more productive by creating quickly new tickets from Slack to Jira and searching JIRA tickets from Slack.


How to install Jirio

Hit on the Add to Slack button in the top of this page.


Why Jirio

Jirio Slack JIRA integration is a Slack app that will help your team become more productive and efficient, cut operational costs and save time on routines.